Why Is Responsive Design So Important In Web Based Systems?

We’ve all been there. Viewed a website on a PC or laptop and it’s had a great impression, worked well and was easily navigated. The positive experience we’ve had makes us revisit the same site from our smartphone, yet the same experience just isn’t there. This is where responsive design comes in.

The term ‘responsive design’ relates to online systems and applications such as a website, a customer database or a case management system. Responsive design ensures that the online system or application adapts to the device that is being used to access it and that the user experience remains a positive one throughout.

Responsive design ensures that the online system or application is built to respond and change based on the device being used to access it, including smartphones and tablets. This eliminates those negative, off putting experiences when faced with a website which simply isn’t doing what it should be.

Some of the considerations our developers think about when creating a responsive online system include:

UX – How the site will render on varying devices and how consistency can be ensured.

Navigation – Changes will need to be made to the menu structure for smaller devices.

Testing – Decide on a suitable amount of devices to test with and consider potential cost implications.

Regardless of the device used to access a website or system, the experience, look and feel should remain the same for any customer, potential client or member of staff.

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