Why Evaluate Business Processes?

We know that in your busy organisation, looking at your internal processes will likely take a back seat in your list of priorities, as there’s other important stuff to be getting on with, not forgetting the ad hoc tasks which crop up daily.

But, if you answer yes to any of the following questions, then we think it’s time you evaluated your business processes:

  • Are there processes in your business which are holding you back?
  • Are you coming across bottlenecks?
  • Are there monotonous manual tasks which could be automated, but you don’t have the technology to do so?

When you take the leap to improve your own processes within your business, you’ll most probably identify something you can also change within the customer’s processes. This could be improving user and customer experience, or saving them valuable resources, the customer will appreciate this and won’t say no to improved value.

When your processes are causing you problems, you’ve probably already recognised that there must be easier or quicker ways to do certain tasks. Wasted time, leads to wasted money and in such a competitive market, this cannot happen. If time spent on certain tasks is reduced, you can use this time on more important responsibilities which will also lead to increased innovation.

Communication with customers and suppliers can be vastly improved. This could be allowing your customers to log onto a portal to receive quotations or track an order. You can also improve communication to staff with a dashboard where they can access their work, notifications, company news and more.

A good place to start, is documenting various activities across the business and assemble activities into general processes. Don’t focus on systems alone, focus on processes that support business objectives. Once complete, you’ll have a set of documented processes for the target business areas.

If you want to improve your business processes in order to increase productivity and efficiency, Get In Touch to discover how our team can help.

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