Where Next Once The Results Are In?

Thousands of young people across the country are eagerly awaiting their upcoming results day whether it be for their GCSEs or A Levels. Upon opening that envelope, one question is likely to spring to mind, what next?

For a lot of people, the answer will be college or university, but these options aren’t for everyone. Apprenticeships offer an opportunity to gain experience and nationally accredited qualifications whilst getting paid and avoiding the debt university students face.

If you’re passionate about IT, in particular software development, and consider yourself to be a bit of a problem solver, then the Wolf Group academy could be the place for you to begin your route to a successful career in the sector.

Right now, there are thousands of opportunities across the North East in this innovative sector and Wolf Group prides itself on producing skilled Software Developers who are ready and able to fill the regions skills gaps, whether this be with Wolf Group, one of our clients or elsewhere.

An apprenticeship allows you to begin your ascent of the career ladder earlier than if you continue to study for a further 2-5 years. Working for a business allows you to establish yourself within the organisation at an early stage. Wolf Group, along with a lot of other businesses offering apprenticeships will be keen to offer further employment to apprentices who show talent and willingness.

Throughout the one year course offered at the academy, you’ll be fully supported by experts in the field as you complete the curriculum and participate in live client projects to gain the all-important experience required in this industry.

If you’re aged between 16-18 and are ready to click start on your IT career today, Get In Touch for more information or to apply.

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