What Makes a Good Software Tester?

In order for a software development company to succeed, it takes more than a team of developers, project managers and one or two directors. Of course, there would be no company without these people but it also takes exceptional testers who hold huge responsibility as it is down to them to ensure the delivered product is flawless.

Is takes a lot of effort to become a good tester as they need to meet very specific requirements and always remain consistent. So, what makes a good tester?


Good test engineers crave to find all the answers to all the questions they ask. They never assume something is obvious and investigate it anyways. A great tester will also be aware of the consequences. It can be hard to determine why the system does not work the way it should and that’s why it takes a lot of curiosity.


Although many people assume IT companies are made up of teams of introverts, communication is probably the most important thing in the success of a project. Being assertive is useful when reporting a bug to developers, it takes confidence to persuade others to fix their mistakes.

Analytical Skills

Maths is a great teacher when it comes to gaining logical and analytical thinking abilities which are crucial in both manual and automated testing.

Time Management 

Developing software solutions usually means time pressures. Understanding what needs to be tested first, what should be tested automatically and what can be done manually comes with experience.


Testers should always assume that there is something wrong instead of thinking all they have to do is check the software is alright. Questioning the ability of colleagues may sound unfair, but a complacent attitude can lead to carelessness and inaccuracy.

Every company is different and every project requires different skills. Many of these skills come with experience and at Wolf Group, we have a dedicated team of testers who guarantee that any product delivered will be completely flawless.

For more advice, visit our Testing page. If you want to ensure your software project is of the highest quality and thoroughly tested, speak with our team.

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