What Is System Integration?

System Integration or Software Integration refers to culmination of multiple individual systems. As businesses and organisations grow and mature new systems are brought in to address specific problems or needs.

For example a business may have a stock control system to monitor product levels and automate the reordering process, and another which is used to manage sales activity. On their own, these address their specific needs however it may be that due to working in isolation from one another many related activities and processes have to work to be carried out manually. The wasted time extracting data from one system to input into another in order to create centralised reports runs the risk of increased errors and duplication of data.

This is where system integration comes in. By enabling multiple systems to communicate, disruption can be avoided, the life of existing systems are prolonged and any new systems safely integrated into your business.

Software integration can provide an organisation with many benefits including:

  • Enhanced management reporting – all data can be accessed centrally
  • Removing the need for multiple logins to numerous systems – with Single Sign On (SSO) authentication
  • Superior customer experience – with information accessed centrally staff are able to provide a consistent service and see the whole customer history
  • Increased efficiency – one central portal removes the need for manual processes
  • Saving money – removing the burden of maintaining inefficient systems

If you are looking to integrate systems in your organisation, Get In Touch with a member of our technical team who can provide your business with a ‘best fit’ solution.

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