.Net Developers, we're hiring!

Great software developers don’t happen by accident, they’re a breed apart. They’re born with development in their soul. They crave more knowledge. They’re brimming over with ideas and creativity, and have a drive to make everything as efficient and reusable as possible.


Job title: .Net Developer

Experience: 3-4 years

Location: North Shields

Employment Type: Full-time

Does this sound like you? Are you finding that your current role is stifling your creativity? Are you bored working in one environment on the same systems time and again?

Maybe now is the time to look for a new company. A company that puts employees first, a company that wants to unleash your talent, and a company that embraces agility and develops creativity. If this is how you feel, then Wolf Group is the place to be, and we’re hiring now!

We know developers, because we are developers! We understand how your enthusiasm for development can be driven out by bad management, and unrewarding tasks.

A career at Wolf offers you the opportunity to rekindle your passion, deliver to your strengths and realise your complete potential. Wolf is growing rapidly at present, and we need the best people so that together we can build the greatest company.

We have a long history of working across many business sectors, with companies of all sizes, and delivering diverse and ground breaking solutions. We want your career to excite you again, we want to hear all about your ideas for the future and we will encourage you to investigate the latest technologies, methodologies and research areas.

If that’s not enough, then have a look at our Academy –  a pioneering IT training initiative area where we are actively encouraging as many people into technology as we can. Using new and innovative techniques, we are able to  accelerate people’s ability to learn. You could be part of this, working as an advisor to the course, or as a mentor to the groups.

This is a real opportunity to find the career that allows you to flourish, and that allows you to have a feel good factor about everything you do. We mainly focus on Microsoft technologies but always have diverse requirements across many other technologies too. So if you have the right aptitude and three to four years experience, please get in touch now, as we’d love you to be part of our revolution.

Send your CV to greatdevelopers@wolfgroup.co.uk today. Don’t delay, and please feel free to pass on these details to other great developers.

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