UK Gov Looks to Embrace Opportunities in Technological Change

The government has identified 4 ‘Grand Challenges’, trends which will shape our rapidly changing future and which the UK must embrace to ensure we harness all the opportunities they bring.

Artificial Intelligence: “We will put the UK at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence and data revolution”.

Clean Growth: “We will maximise the advantages for UK industry from the global shift in clean growth”.

Aging Society: “We will harness the power of innovation to help meet the needs of an aging society”.

Future of Mobility: “We will become a world leader in the way people, goods and services move”.

Each of these challenges represents an open invitation to business, academia and society to work with the government to innovate, develop new technologies and ensure the UK takes advantage of potential opportunities.

The way we live our lives as citizens, consumers and workers is constantly being transformed by evolving technologies. The UK is well placed to benefit from a new industrial revolution as we’re already home to a wide range of innovative sectors.

The industrial strategy is intended to push the UK towards the forefront of the data-driven revolution but the plan and level of investment is just the starting point. Now that the government has recognised that getting ahead in the digital economy is vital to Britain’s productivity, everyone else must engage to address the challenges and contribute to creating a sustainable economy.


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