Top Tech Predictions For 2017

Every year, technology brings inspiring new developments which have the potential to change our lives, transform businesses or entire industries and even help us live longer. We take a look at some exciting technologies we believe are going to have a big impact in the upcoming year.

AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality will see much more extensive usage in 2017. There will also be an increase in robots into social life. And, as we witnessed with this year’s Olympics, VR will take over live events such as sporting events and concerts.

Voice Activated Devices

Its likely voice activated devices will see a real increase in quality and prevalence. They’ve already proven popular but the number of people who own an Amazon Echo or Apple HomeKit is likely to exponentially increase. Set reminders, play music or check the weather with these in home devices, ready whenever you need them.

Increase In Use Of Drones

Drones will be used for important jobs such as medical deliveries to people in need. A drone is defined as a “unmanned aircraft”, but behind them, is a person driving the intention and potential of what the aircraft can do. It’s very likely that more people will move into this growing industry next year.


Advances in technology continue to exhibit innovation and lead to becoming truly practical in every day life. From space travel to healthcare, it’s intriguing to wonder which predictions will become sophisticated technologies used across the globe.

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