Top IoT Challenges For Business

The Internet of Things continues to create a more connected world, giving us the opportunity to increase efficiency while saving time and money. Yet it’s still in its infancy, which mean there are a number of challenges businesses will face.

Security and Privacy – The challenge that should be a priority for any business starting out with IoT: security. With more devices than ever before connecting to the IoT, it’s not just security we need to worry about, but privacy too. Anything that is connected is at risk of being hacked, from fridges to vehicles, and can be utilised to spy on their users. Another major security concern with IoT is the cloud. While IoT is more secure than your average home or business internet connection, it isn’t completely fool proof. Data security is also a key challenge for companies starting out with the IoT, particularly if you’re handling sensitive personal information such as facial ID.

Standardisation – As it’s relatively early days for the IoT, standardisation and regulation don’t quite exist yet. This is a problem for businesses that generally rely on legislation and standardisation to ensure they’re doing things ‘by the book’. It’s a major challenge to standardise the IoT, with so many different connected objects all running on different standards, speaking to each other and sharing information. Many businesses would rather wait for government standards and regulations to be introduced before harnessing the power of the Internet of Things.

Data Integrity – Just as it’s vital to keep your office hardware up to date, the same applies to the IoT. Regardless of how your business is utilising it, there will be data coming from all directions, and separating the useful information can prove challenging. Calibrating your IoT sensors regularly and keeping your IoT hardware updated is essential.

Connectivity – Figures from predict that over 30 billion units will be connected to the IoT by 2020. With so many objects connected, bottlenecks in efficiency, performance and connectivity are something your business will need to be prepared for.

Complexity of the IoT – There’s no point pretending that you know everything there is to know about the IoT. Because of the rate it’s evolving, nobody does, and it can be more complex than you might expect.

If your company is starting out with the IoT, hiring a specialist vision, or outsourcing to experts to handle things like privacy and data management is important.

You should also seek advice on upgrading your hardware and software. Because no official standards or best practices exist yet for IoT, your business is reliant on the provider you choose to offer solutions.

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