Top 10 Strangest Apps

We all enjoy a new app don’t we, but what about one of these?

We normally hear about apps because of a new craze or simply rummaging through our App Stores while we’re bored. The chances are few of these will ever become one of those ‘next big things’ but we’re sure they’ll still interest you nonetheless. Cue some of the weirdest, funniest and creepiest apps on the market…Indulge!

Strangest Apps

1) iNaturalist (Free)

The project hopes to pin point the location of edible weeds and also test samples for nutritional content and toxic contamination.



Weirdest Apps

2) Pimple Popper (Free)

Nasty! Just so nasty! Yet addictive at the same time! Pimple Popper gives you hours of grotesque fun.  Blackheads, whiteheads, full blown pimples, crusty scabs to pick off, Pimple Popper offers it all.




Strangest Apps

3) Sleep Sheep (Free)

Problems sleeping? Try counting sheep in a whole new way with Sleep Sheep. If the sheep don’t put you to sleep the boredom certainly will!




79dbab2a4da971e18d9fc1a896b91c70 4) Drunk Dial No ( Available on iTunes Store at 79p)

We all have a few contacts in our phone that should not be called at 1am on a Saturday morning. With Drunk Dial No you can hide specific numbers from yourself for up to 48 hours.







fake-an-excuse-hangup-now-free-screenshot-1 5) Fake An Excuse (Free)

Whether it’s your in-laws, crazy ex girlfriend or wild Uncle Barry, there’s always a time you’re desperate to get off the phone. Fake an excuse offers 45 realistic excuses and sound effects to help in times of dire need! There really is no excuse not to download Fake An Excuse today!







girl_watching-640x469 6) Watching Cute Girl (Free)

This creepy App created by Ningen Inc. has developed an always-on view cute girl who watches you, giggles, utters one of over 100 pre-recorded phrases and more. The girl’s head is framed against a bright white background, and when you open the app, all you see is a video of her, looking back at you, not saying anything, smiling coyly one moment, looking bored the next.





7) Game for Cats

This app proudly proclaims itself to be, “the first interspecies game on the App Store.” The game starts with two levels: a laser pointer that your cat can chase around the screen, and a mouse. You will need to pay  around £1 to fully unlock the mouse level (the upgrade comes with a free butterfly level.) Once your cat catches the laser pointer dot, mouse or butterfly, it accumulates points which you can share with a leader board or on Facebook and Twitter. Brilliant.





8) Bowel Mover Pro (Free or £3.99 for a pro user)

Tracking your bowel movements is apparently a great way to monitor your health on a day-to-day basis. This app will help you track what you ate and how it turned into a bowel movement, with your stress level and the amount of fiber, and water, in your diet. You can email your charts to your doctor (I’m sure they would really appreciate this) and wait for it… Tweet your bowel movements to friends. This has got to be one of the strangest and rather disgusting app yet!



xray-app-camera-basedandroid-750664-2-s-307x512 9) iPhone X-Ray App (Free)

This App is further down on the list as unusual as it is, it’s pretty cool! It is an iPhone app which uses the iPhone camera to work as an X-Ray machine. Start the app and see your body’s bones right on your iPhone screen. It’s something you can play about with and it’s free from the iTunes store.



mzl_oewhjcut_640x960-75 10) Voodoo Doll of My Ex

This application lets you channel your aggression and sticks pin in what looks like a standard Voodoo doll. Just to help you focus your angst by using your iPhone camera you snap a picture of the less-than-appreciated and paste this picture on the dolls face. Then in pin mode you can stick your prey with seven different colored pins. If you’re ticked use the negative pin, if you wish to help someone there is also positive, wealth, power or love. In a way it is most definitely a better form of releasing your anger or feelings. It’s certainly a free form of therapy!




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Blog post by Lidia Dodsworth

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