The Importance Of Business Analysis In Any Software Project

It is now more difficult to find a company that does not use software to run their business than one that does. The popularity of software solutions has led to businesses raising their expectations and requiring their software solutions to do much more in less time.

Throughout the years, the role of a business analyst in a bespoke software development project has become inevitable, yet many companies believe business analysis is not necessary for their product as they already know what they want.

However, business analysts ensure that what you want is what you actually need and make sure the end product meets those needs. Importantly, no two projects are the same as every company has different specifications, an experienced business analyst will help you find the right approach.

With the growing need for business analysts on every software development project, their responsibilities go beyond the traditional role of requirements gathering. As business analysts guide you through the entire process of software development, they often step into the role of the project owner.

To start with, business analysts interview company representatives to get to know the problems their company is facing and solutions that software can provide. They either conduct the interview by asking many questions or studying and analysing the documentation. This helps them understand exactly what you expect from the software.

If a business analyst does not learn about their customer’s vision, developers could end up building a completely different product. Understanding exactly what the client wants is the most important phase of business analysis.

Once business analysts have discovered what you want, they narrow it down to what you actually need. They connect your vision of a software solution with what is possible to develop and create a product that is both practical and realistic.

With experience in the software environment, business analysts will advise on which features are useful for you. After this stage, a software requirements specification document is written and approved by all parties.

Business analysts translate your specifications into tasks which developers can use to create your software. Developers often use technical jargon which may cause a lot of misunderstandings. Business analysts work with the development team to make sure the product you receive is exactly what you expected.

When you recognise that your company requires a bespoke software solution, knowing what you want is not everything. A thorough business analysis is invaluable if you want to be sure you receive the best version of the product which will boost your productivity and allow you to step ahead of your competitors.

If you would like to discuss how Wolf Group could help you improve the workflow of your company, get in touch today. We have developed countless custom solutions and each one has made a huge difference to the clients company.

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