The Crippling Reality of a Poor Software Provider

Poor communication between you and your IT provider is likely impacting upon a number of key performance factors within your business.

In truth, rarely will a supplier/client relationship be perfect, challenges will arise and compromise often have to be found, but it’s how your supplier deals with these contests that demonstrates their real competency. If your software provider fails in their duty to proactively inform you when problems arise, isn’t hands-on with monitoring your systems or hinders your ability to focus on the running of your business then prepare to face the crippling realities of communication negligence.


Lower efficiency

Poor communication in business whether written or oral, can greatly impact upon the efficiency of any department, and IT is no exception. Vague email messages that require clarification, documents that need reviewing and rewriting due to errors, and uninformed presentations can quickly affect the work flow of development projects both large and small.

Effective business communication skills are crucial to successfully completing any project. So when multiple employees, company departments or supplier and clients team up to complete a large project, the value of every individual’s skills will increase exponentially. Without implementing clear communication practices, however, company projects will be slow, inefficient and even painstaking to complete.

Employee morale

Business communication skills impact the motivation of employees. A highly communicative and collaborative working relationship and environment promotes productivity, creativity and inspiration. Yet the exact opposite is also true, employees that lack enthusiasm in executing assignments will begin to question the value of their work. In situations where IT professionals are directed through meetings and presentations, dull, unclear and sometimes confusing instructions can lead to employees becoming demoralised.

Decreased innovationNorth Shields IT Consultancy

When poor communication results in the inadequate handling of important software projects, the company’s innovation and capacity to make positive contributions to society is destroyed. Picture the capacity to innovate as proportional to the capacity to communicate directions, ideas and improvements clearly.

To Wolf Group, bespoke software isn’t just custom building a solution, but fulfilling a process. A process that leads to the best possible result through continual communication in an agile development environment. Whether it’s face to face, via email, telephone or video conference when you interact with Wolf you interact with developers who know your individual system thoroughly and who update you on progression throughout the SLA timeframe.

Once the software has been developed we do not simply hand it over and wash our hands of the project. We will continue to work with the client in order to ensure that the software is integrated seamlessly into their current business operation and that everyone involved is competently trained in its usage.

Supporting documentation is produced as required which will detail the finer points of the systems features and nuances. Wolf believe we have a duty to remain in contact in order to offer support for the system, answering queries or rectifying any maintenance issues that may arise, ensuring that the client gets the most return from their investment

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