Technology To Reach New Heights In 2018

Businesses and society will see technology reach new heights this year, and it will impact every business. A new era is upon us, a golden era of technology in which business of all sizes can make huge advances.

Technology trends such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have been touted by the world’s biggest technology leaders for some time. In 2016, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said “we’re on the edge of the golden era”. But technology moves fast, so fast in fact that it’s moving away from the edge and fast approaching the centre.

There are many examples where emerging technologies are reinventing what it means to be digital. Society is being taken to a new era of technology. AI-based chatbots, for example, are being used across a range of industries to optimise back office and consumer-facing systems and processes.

It’s clear that organisations are quickly recognising the value in AI, and we will see investment rocket in 2018 and beyond. Particularly because companies are now offering APIs and frameworks that allow businesses to create their own intelligence services for a fraction of the cost of building an API from scratch. AI will become accessible for all.

In November last year, the government proved that it too is putting it’s faith in AI. During the delivery of the autumn budget, Chancellor Philip Hammond said: “A new tech business is funded every hour and I want that to be every half hour. So, today we invest over £500 million in a range of initiatives from artificial intelligence to 5G and full-fibre broadband.”

The bottom line is that Digital transformation will continue to dominate in business strategies throughout 2018. It should be seen as a year of opportunity for businesses, where technology can help reinvent processes.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time for your business to take advantage of tech in 2018, Get In Touch with our team of experts to discuss your requirements.

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