Project Management


Getting Software Project Management Right

Embedding good project management practice from the very start and throughout of the software development process is one of the secret to success.  A tried and […]

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Combining Expertise To Ensure Project Success

For a business to evolve, its processes need to do likewise. Software systems are the backbone of many companies, allowing them to process, deliver and store […]

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Advantages Of The Agile Approach

Agile is fast becoming one of the most popular approaches for software development. The agile model is built on the idea of self-organising, cross-functioning teams. The […]

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Keeping Your Software Project On Time And On Budget

Completing your software project on time and on budget can be the most difficult task you face when working through your projects budget, scope and timeline. […]

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Software Testing Newcastle

Breaking Boundaries Whilst Cutting Costs

Mention outsourcing to corporate IT managers and reactions will be varied. The majority are aware of the potential opportunities yet view it as a change that’s […]

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The Importance Of Good Project Management

Anyone who’s managed a project before will be aware that they come with varying complexities, such as a lack of specialist knowledge, tight budgets or a […]

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Mobile Apps

Essential Apps For An Effortless Worklife

The world of small business can be challenging and often the complaint that there are ‘never enough hours in the day’ is all too common among owners […]

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Four reasons your IT projects failed this year

At this time of year businesses begin to look back over the past twelve months and evaluate the successes or failures or the year’s projects. IT […]

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