Big Data


AI In Enterprise: Is It Right For Your Business?

While true Artificial Intelligence is some way off, businesses are taking advantage of intelligent automation, like machine learning, to improve business operations, drive innovation and improve […]

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Open Data

How Is The NHS Using Open Data To Improve Healthcare?

Governments, public bodies and large organisations have begun to release data, now freely available, to use in order to develop resources which make crucial improvements to communities. […]

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Web Development

5 Ways Big Data Will Change Marketing

The era of “Big Data” is clearly upon us. The term that refers to information sets so large and complex that they become difficult to process […]

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Volkswagen Data Disaster

When Data Becomes Disaster: VW’s Turbocharged Software Slip-Up

Implementing software to rig emissions tests, one German newspaper has called it the “most expensive act of stupidity in the history of the car industry”. If […]

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The Big Data Innovation Summit

The Most important Tech events of 2015

A comprehensive preview of five of the main Tech events taking place across the months ahead in 2015.   The Big Data Innovation Summit (11-12 May) […]

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Artificial Intelligence Wolf Group

What’s next for Artificial Intelligence?

In the past 18 months it appears as if Big Data has been the buzzword of the moment, but is Artificial Intelligence (AI) about to replace […]

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IT in Healthcare

The challenge of implementing Technology within Healthcare: Three things that NEED to happen for the NHS to evolve

Health and social care sectors face unparalleled challenges. Limitations on resources coupled with growing demand due to an ageing population are placing current health and social […]

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Big Data in Healthcare

Could Big Data cure cancer?

Big Data is coming to healthcare and the limits to what we could do with it are endless.   Technology is becoming the heart of the […]

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McLaren Big Data Formula One

British motoring; gaining competitive edge thanks to big data

Many of you reading this may already have an idea of how using big data correctly can transform an organisation. By exploiting raw systems data to […]

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Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence?

You may have heard the term Business Intelligence or BI, but what does that really mean?   Although there are many definitions, put simply, BI is […]

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