Software Testing - Why We Do It

Despite most people never actually thinking about software development, the process is an equally integral part of development. Here’s our top five reasons for testing software and the importance of doing so.

1. Find Errors and Bugs

This is the most obvious reason for testing. Errors and bugs could be anything and anywhere. From a simple spelling mistake or an error message, to a bug that stops the software functioning properly. Delivering a brand new piece of software completely bug free isn’t always easy, but with testing we can ensure there are no functionality limiting issues.

2. Check Actual Results Meet Expected Results

This is non-technical testing normally done by project managers or sometimes clients IT teams. The system is tested with ‘dummy’ data to ensure the system is fit for purpose. This covers sanity checking such as columns of numbers sum correctly and merge fields being correctly aligned within templates.

3. Ensure a Clear User Interface

Detecting any issues with the usability and design of a new system is an important area of testing, and needs to be checked at an early stage of development. A clear user interface is important to obtaining user adoption. For example, if a system is set out illogically or buttons change location / colour depending on which screen you’re on, users are less likely to embrace the design and will be resistant to the new software.

4. Lower Maintenance Costs

Ensuring a system is working as it should at the beginning means there will be less maintenance and support. Therefore, clients get cheaper support contracts, keeping them happy and ensuring a good relationship.

5. Strengthens Client Relationships

By testing systems before they are handed over, they are ready for the clients own test procedures. This strengthens client relationships as they can rely on usable systems and quality is guarenteed.

Our expert consultants employ a number of industry standard methodologies, using a variety of testing tools in order to deliver functional, non-functional and test management services to our clients. Contact Us today to discuss your requirements.

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