App Development

Mobile Apps

With mobile technology becoming more common by the day many businesses are recognising the need for mobile software in order to attract new customers, execute daily tasks and increasingly build their brand.

Wolf take pride in building custom apps that create value for our clients and that users love to use:

  • Ever thought about digitising that loyalty scheme?
  • How about a helpdesk feature integrated within your app to improve two-way communication?
  • A new channel for direct marketing?

From retail and manufacturing to healthcare and finance more businesses or organisations are in need of mobile software as technology continues to change the way in which we work and interact with businesses and organisations.

Whether you’re an organisation that requires more versatile and accessible equipment or you are looking to develop your firm’s brand while also increasing user experience, Wolf have the skills to solve your software needs.

Desktop Apps

We develop desktop applications which are computer programs installed onto your pc or mac. Desktop applications have the versatility to be used offline when there is no internet connection and typically offer the ability to interact with your computer hardware components.

Wolf know that businesses looking for heavy duty processing power need extendable and efficient software in place. No one can deny the benefits of a desktop based application where speed is important.

Desktop applications that have the ability to talk directly to your databases will not only help to streamline processes but also provide performance even from remote locations with limited connectivity. With no need for a server you have total control over your data and only require regular backups in order to keep information safe and secure.