Software Development Occupations Flourish! - Research Reveals

This week, Government research revealed that occupations in many creative industries are flourishing and we were particularly pleased although not surprised, that programming and software development were up there.

The statistics showed that the number of people in programming and software development roles were up by 30% and that creative industries now contribute a staggering £86bn a year to the UK economy.

At Wolf Group, we see first-hand the interest that there is in this sector, especially in development and we’re extremely proud that we can help and nurture people into roles including developers and testers.

As these results are announced, around the time that school leavers are completing their last exams, awaiting results and making some vital decisions about their futures, we’d like to put emphasis on the opportunities out there in IT across the North East.

At the Wolf Group academy, we offer apprenticeships to people aged 16-18 and are currently recruiting for our next cohort. The Level 3 Software Development apprenticeship programme offers two nationally accredited qualifications, experience in a successful North East business and the opportunity to work on real client projects, all whilst getting paid.

Our training isn’t limited to those aged 16-18 however. The academy also offers volunteer training to people of any age, whether they’re looking to upskill or develop their skills in software development. Volunteer trainees will also be given the opportunity to work on both internal and external projects.

If you’re looking to turn your passion for IT into a career, then the Wolf Group Academy could certainly be for you, Get In Touch today for more information or to apply.

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