Six Things Every Landing Page Must Have Or Do

You should think of your homepage as your shop window. It is the page most presented by search engines so you should ensure a strong, well written homepage to move up the rankings in terms of SEO. As the first page most users will see, it must attract browsers and casual visitors as well as your regular customers and entice them in.

1. Have Immediate Impact

Your homepage must look good and create a good first impression to captivate your audience. It should have a consistent tone and style which represents your business, products and services. It is also the most important place to present a strong visual brand.

2. Be Clear About What You Do

By using design, text and imagery, your visitors should be able to establish what your business offers instantly. It is important that this happens in the first few seconds so good design is crucial.

3. Use Content To Hook Customers

Visitors will scan the page to find answers, if they don’t find them straight away they will simply look elsewhere. Have short, catchy headlines and avoid unnecessary content. You should also use videos and imagery, they can portray messages in seconds without visitors having to trawl through content.

4. Include SEO Within Your Content

Your content (including titles) should be created with SEO in mind so you should use keywords that are the best search terms for your business, products or services.

5. Have A Clear Call To Action

The majority of visitors to your website, including established customers will land on your homepage as the portal to the rest of your website, so make it easy with clear navigation and signposting. Make it clear to your visitor what they should be doing next, whether to buy, fill out a form, get more information etc.

6. Encourage Sharing

Satisfied customers and engaged visitors can be your best advocates. Share buttons on your homepage makes it easy for your visitors to connect and gives your website an instant advantage.

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