Should Innovation Be Led By Technology Or People?

Technology such as artificial intelligence and automation has been transformational to all our lives. The role that technology will continue to play in innovation in business is significant. What business must now consider, with automation taking hold, is where should innovation investment be spent: on technology or people?

Business now operates very differently from a generation ago. From car production lines to Amazon trialing drone deliveries. The rise of machines has been positively documented and this is due to productivity increasing and mundane tasks being undertaken by machines.

In times of change and uncertainty, innovation plays a key role in helping companies thrive. In these times of increased automation, companies should look to speculate to accumulate, both on the technology and headcount side.

Organisations who learn to be savvy, are the ones that will drive innovation by investing in exploring new ideas, adapting business models to embrace scalable approaches and invest in the future by employing those that have the ability to drive innovation forward.

Change will be driven by intelligent and creative people who are leading experts in their sector. It’s not just about recruitment though. As well as the need to attract new high quality innovators, staff training is important to motivate existing staff and encourage their innovative ability. It may not actually be about innovation itself, but creating a culture of innovation.

Whilst technology enables innovation, people ultimately drive it. Investing in both technology and people, will equip your business in adapting to the rapidly changing business environment brought on by automation and the challenges associated with these advancements.

Discover how technology could help your team drive innovation in your business by speaking with our experts today.

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