Reasons To Turn Your Passion For Programming Into A Career

Nowadays, there are few jobs that don’t involve the use of technology. And while many are quite happy to simply be at the user end of technology, others want to get stuck in and get involved in creating the systems and interfaces that others use.

Regardless of your background, there are some key traits that give you the potential to be a successful programmer. Of these, the most important is possessing the ability to solve complex problems. If you think you have what it takes to design solutions to solve them, and are considering making this your career, here’s some of the reasons we think you should go for it.

1. Opportunities without a degree

Many organisations don’t require programming candidates to have a formal degree. They will be more interested in looking at your ability to learn on the job, your ability to work as part of a team and your willingness to tackle challenges. There are many training courses, including our own at the Wolf Academy.

2. You’ll be in demand

The job market for programmers is excellent overall, but depending on what you choose to specialise in, you can become highly sought after. Industries such as banking, utilities and manufacturing are investing heavily in software development at the moment, but each sector will have their own specialist requirements. Whatever your main focus is, it’s a good idea to aim to have more than one area of expertise.

3. You’ll constantly learn

Programmers are on a constant learning journey. This can of course be said for most roles in business, but programmers do need to stay particularly well informed about new technological solutions and innovations. The ability to harness new ideas or platforms can make all the difference when it comes to a business’ ability to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Many employers will work with you to build a development plan that allows you to do sponsored training and get various qualifications that will benefit you as well as the business.

4. You’ll be a valued member of a team

Teamwork is absolutely critical in all types of software development. The end solution will always depend on every member of the team making a valuable contribution, which makes you an important piece of the puzzle.

In a modern business environment, programmers need to use a range of ‘people skills’ to engage and communicate with their colleagues and customers. You will be expected to share your knowledge and relay information that helps the entire team to make progress. More and more organisations adopt methodologies like Agile software development, which focuses heavily on a creative a collaborative atmosphere where everyone adds value and learns from each other. This in turn results in faster delivery a higher quality end solution.

5. You’ll have fun

If you are a natural problem solver, you will enjoy the process of creating software features and fixing bugs. You will get a great sense of achievement and satisfaction from delivering a solution that improves, perhaps even revolutionises the way a business operates.

If you’re curious about moving into programming, take time to research various platforms and languages to see what might fit you best. Getting first hand insight will be your best option.

At the Wolf Academy, you’re be able to gain insight into a working development environment, work alongside experienced developers and have the opportunity to learn and try out different technologies, languages and methodologies to help you decide what you’re most suited to. All whilst having the benefit of additional support in an immersive environment.

If you want to discover whether a career in programming could be for you, join the Wolf Academy where you can access a host of opportunities.

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