New Year Website Workout

Join the gym, visit a new country, be more organised. The resolutions most of us make every year, whether we stick to them or not. We think one you should really commit to, is keeping your website healthy for the year ahead.

We recommend these 7 things:

Update Security Regularly

Ensuring your security is up to date should be your number one priority going into the New Year and always. Recent high profile hacks and cyber-attacks show that all businesses can be vulnerable and the consequences can be devastating.

Analyse Your Analytics

Use tools to establish if your website is performing properly, google analytics can help manage traffic. You should then make changes accordingly to increase your websites effectiveness.

Monitor SEO Performance

This is vital if you rely on search engines for traffic to your website and it helps you understand customer search behaviour. Maintaining or improving your SEO ranking depends on keeping your website fresh.

Add and Update Content

Keep your website fresh with regularly updated news and images. Content needs to be relevant and engaging and should satisfy SEO to help customers find you and keep returning. Remember to remove any old and out of date content to keep your site up to date.

Keep Your CMS Up To Date

Ensuring this keeps your security up to date which is of huge importance. Upgrades might provide new features, functionality and bug fixes. Keeping up to ate also makes future updates easier.

Ensure It Works

Ensure all links work and all contact forms send. Broken links and error messages frustrate customers and they’ll move on quickly. A website which doesn’t work how it should, creates bad impressions on business.

Stay One Step Ahead

Keep up to date with your market and make relevant changes. Check every month and take action when needed.

Ensure these 7 things throughout the year and you will maintain a website that customers want to continue using. Look after your website, and it will help look after your business.

Wishing you all a prosperous and successful New Year from all at Wolf Group.

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