.Net Developer Jedi

Job title: .Net Developer

Experience: 3-4 years

Location: North Shields

Employment Type: Full-time



In a galaxy far, far away a crisis has risen. Software development services have come under attack by a dark presence.

As a force for good in the North East galaxy a Rebel Alliance that go by the name of Wolf Group strive to defend the Universe from IT project failures that stem from missed deadlines and exhausted budgets caused by evil-corporations hell-bent on complete galactic domination at all-cost!

In their conception, the Wolf Group’s team of Jedi experts, specialists and consultants had great power against the dark side, often restoring peace and freedom to the galaxy by forming an alliance with the Supreme Chancellor of Innovation and Excellence.

However in recent times the dark side has remerged…. Leaders of the Rebel Alliance have been unavailable to lend assistance many moons away, fighting the empire in distant galaxies.

With their mission in jeopardy the time has come for Wolf Group to recruit new talent. In their search for a new .Net Developer Jedi they must scan the universe for a set of skills suited to joining the Rebel Alliance and defeating the cosmic IT agents of the dark side.

Great developer Jedi Knights don’t happen by accident, they are a breed apart. They’re born with development in their soul. They crave more knowledge. They’re brimming over with ideas and creativity, and have a drive to make everything as efficient and reusable as possible.

Their mission won’t be easy, but a .Net Developer Jedi with 3-4 years’ experience in celestial developer combat and the potential to complete their Millennium Falcon pilots licence are some of the abilities that the Wolf Group seek. The .Net Developer Jedi will be deployed on active missions at the Wolf Group’s battle station HQ on the moon planet of North Shields near Alderaan.

A career at Wolf offers you the opportunity to rekindle your passion with the forces for good, deliver to your strengths and realise your complete potential. Wolf Group is growing rapidly at present, and we need the best people so that together we can build the greatest company.

We have a long history of working across many business sectors, with companies of all sizes, and delivering diverse and ground breaking solutions. We want your career to excite you again, we want to hear all about your ideas for the future and we will encourage you to investigate the latest technologies, methodologies and research areas.

If that’s not enough, then have a look at our IT training initiative, the Wolf Academy, a pioneering IT training initiative area where we are actively encouraging as many people into technology as we can. Using new and innovative techniques, we are able to accelerate people’s ability to learn. You could be part of this working as an advisor to the course, or as a mentor to the groups.

This is a real opportunity to find the career that allows you to flourish, and that allows you to have a feel good factor about everything you do.

We mainly focus on Microsoft technologies but always have diverse requirements across many other technologies too. So if you have the right aptitude and three to four years’ experience, please get in touch now as we’d love you to be part of our revolution.

Interested in joining the force for good? Please send your Jedi certified CV to greatdevelopers@wolfgroup.co.uk today. Don’t delay, and please feel free to pass on these details to other great developers. Good luck and may the force be with you!

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