National Coding Week

This week (18-22 September) we have celebrated National Coding Week, which highlights the digital skills need in the UK.

As the need for digital skills continues to grow, coding is already being taught in schools to children as young as five. It is positive to see schools taking action and encouraging digital skills from a younger age, as this potentially provides a way of filling skills gaps in the future. However, more needs to be done now.

Organisations need to tap into available talent if they are to tackle the ongoing digital skills crisis. It is crucial that businesses shift some focus to help current generations develop their digital know-how and allow them to offer their skills to the industry.

Coding has evolved. What was once a highly technical, niche skill, is now a mainstream language which as mentioned, has become part of the curriculum in primary schools. In high schools, traditional IT subjects have commonly been swapped for Computer Science over the past year or two.

With demand for jobs requiring these skills diversifying beyond strictly IT roles, it is vital that all generations, not just the future workforce, are provided with the right education and training to learn these skills.

Coding skills are already in very high demand, the government currently estimates that in 20 years time, digital skills will be needed for 90% of job roles.

Industry simply can’t hold on and wait for the future generation to bring these skills to the market and fill the UK’s digital skills gap as these skills are required right now to ensure companies and technologies can progress, advance and succeed at a rate they should be able to.

More definitely needs to be done now, and it’s probably easier than most think. The older workforce is one of the most important sources of talent that organisations should be tapping into. Adults need to be inspired to learn digital skills and encouraging businesses to engage with that effort is one of the most important things National Coding Week highlights.

At Wolf Group, we offer free training to those looking to develop their skills and gain more experience in an IT environment. Although we offer this programme to young graduates, we also encourage people who may be looking to get back into the industry who’s skill set needs to be brought up to speed. The academy is open to people of any age, with varying abilities and training can be tailored to each individual.

If you’re looking to refresh your development skills and could benefit from free, flexible training, visit our Academy page or Get In Touch for more information.

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