My Week At Wolf

I am Sam, a year 10 student from Studio West, and after having spent a second week this year on work placement at Wolf group, learning about the world of work in a leading North East IT consultancy, I am now writing to share my experience.

While the workplace isn’t a playground, it isn’t as strict or cold as one might think. Getting the right experience out of a work placement is important, and will shape your opinions and attitude to the workplace. Making sure those attitudes are positive and reflect what the workplace really is to you is vital, so going to the right workplace is essential.

My work experience week has been amazing for me! I have been able to develop my technical, communication, presentation and time keeping skills outside of the classroom environment.

The workplace has taught me things which could never be conveyed in school – working alongside others of different backgrounds, sharing the responsibility of the work and being able to work on live projects for Wolf Group’s clients. Over the week I have experienced a wide variety of what the workplace has to offer, including:

  • Assisting with the production of an induction manual for new employees
  • Carrying out software testing on a tablet-based application for one of Wolf Group’s clients
  • Undertaking a web design project and an enterprise challenge – planning the development of both a new website and a piece of software

I really enjoyed the web design task, as I was able to incorporate most of the week’s skills into one task. Software testing was probably the most challenging task, as this became repetitive, although this is still a necessary component to producing quality software.

Wolf have taught me valuable skills over this week and set high expectations for my future in the world of work. I look forward to further developing these skills and applying them elsewhere. I would definitely recommend Wolf Group to anyone my age looking to get experience working in a software development house – a good work placement can be the beginning of a good future in a career that you enjoy.

Click here to find about more about our latest intake of software development apprentices.

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