Moving to Mobile: What to Ask

OK, your business needs an update. You want to stay current and bring your brand to customers any time, anywhere through the power of mobile technology. You’re noticing all sorts of other businesses taking advantage of tablets and mobile devices, so you’re definitely ready to go digital. But where do you begin?

Which operating system is best for my app?

Mobile users have a wide variety of OS to choose from. Obviously, iOS and Android stand above the crowd. Ideally, you’d have a presence on both app stores, and if this is so, it needs to be considered from the design stage.

What are the main things I want users to do with my app?

Think about the reasons you’re considering an app in the first place, and this should provide you with a suitable answer .If you feel there is something missing, which you’d like to provide, then this is your focus. Once you’ve worked out the main uses and features, make these clear to your users and ensure the app leads them easily to where they need to be.

What should my app look like?

There’s a lot of psychology around this question, with varying answers. However, putting this aside, the simple answer is that users want to carry out a function. So, providing an app which actually allows people to use it for the real purpose is key. But, if it looks appealing too, this is certainly beneficial. Think about your branding, your target audience, and what can make the app pleasing to the eye without hindering functionality.

Should I charge for my app?

Remember, freebies draw people in. If someone is interested in downloading the app, making it free is pretty much a guaranteed download, whereas charging for the app will leave people debating whether they really need it or whether it is worth paying for.

It may be an option to make the app free to download, with optional paid for add ons. This way, the user won’t be put off by an initial cost, but may be enticed by additional features if they are already using the app, and could benefit from more functions, options etc.

If you’d like to discuss any questions you have about app development and how moving to mobile could benefit your company, speak with our experts today.

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