Mobile Overtakes Desktop - Are You Prepared?

How many times do you check your mobile device in a day? Whether you’re checking emails, text messages, social media, your organisations CRM or one of the many other features, it probably adds up to quite a substantial amount.

The use of mobile devices has increased so much that for the first time ever in October 2016, mobile and tablets using the internet overtook desktop worldwide. This may have only been marginally in terms of percentage difference but it undoubtedly marks a shift that has been building for some time and will without question, continue to do so.

With this shift in mind you must now ask – are your customer and staff facing systems prepared for mobile devices? If the answer is no, then the reality is that there will be a competitor or two that will be, meaning there are businesses who have an advantage over yours.

When accessing a site via a mobile device to make a booking, check a balance, get a quote etc. which is slow or difficult to use, it’s likely the user will choose to look elsewhere. Ensuring your systems provide the best user experience regardless of the device your visitors or staff are using to access it, is a key component of retaining a competitive edge and a great customer experience.

Making Your Business Mobile Friendly:

Strategy – Establish what new mobile systems will help you achieve. Whether it’s increased revenue, improved customer experience, increased productivity or competitive edge.

Design – Regardless of who the user is, the user experience should be a priority and good design and  layout will ensure this.

Integration – It’s vital that new mobile front end interfaces speak to existing back-end systems.

If your business needs to get up to speed with mobile technology, Get In Touch today to discuss how Wolf Group can improve your systems.

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