Legacy Systems Vs. Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is about leveraging technology in new ways to improve customer experience, empower data-driven decisions, and increase corporate agility through IT integration.

A challenge IT Directors are facing is how long they need to maintain legacy systems, which are becoming increasingly unfit for purpose, before taking the technology plunge. Naturally, cost and resources are the biggest concerns in terms of an IT team’s ability to equip the organisations to pursue digital transformation. But it must be recognised that shortcomings with the systems which are currently in use, are likely to lead to complaints by the users, risking damaging the company brand.

However, although legacy systems are often considered a barrier to transformation, they can in fact be an enabler. Achieving transformation does not mean replacing legacy systems, but factoring them into the execution. Progressive organisations are building new, transformational solutions in parallel with their legacy systems and gradually switching business operations across. Legacy IT and more modern solutions can co-exist throughout the transformational journey.

When it comes to digital transformation, planning is of huge importance. At the beginning of any business transformation process, it is important to understand what IT assets already exist in the business, what they do and what value they deliver. From here, you can work out the best approach to operating today and optimising for tomorrow.

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