Kickstart your children's coding skills with this ultimate beginners guide

Coding is now an important part of your children’s education and here’s how you can help advance their digital future. Although it’s just a small part of our education system’s National Curriculum, it’s a vital component of our children’s future – computer coding continues to be big news in 2015.


However one recent study suggests that the emergence of coding within schools has left many parents baffled, with nearly one third incapable of helping their children with their homework.


Now one of the UK’s leading banks hopes to assist with the launch of its new ‘Code Playground’ project. Over the coming months, Barclays will be running coding workshops in 300 of its nationwide branches run by the bank’s Digital Eagle tech gurus who are tasked with helping kids and parents alike learn the basics of coding. Code Playground is a concept based around the programme Scratch – an application already being used in schools across the country, allowing children to learn interactively with animations, stories and games.


Attending a recent coding workshop in central London, parent Stacey Williams said: “The overall reactions to the two hour sessions from both parents and children has been positive. Even though none of the kids in our workshop knew each other, it didn’t take long for them to all befriend and help one another create new games.”


Scratch can be downloaded at home and the coding workshop also encourages parents to learn and code with their children.


Steven Roberts, Strategic Transformation Director, Barclays said, “The purpose of our Digital Eagles is simple – to work in local communities to give people the opportunity to learn and embrace digital skills, from sending an email, skyping family or learning how to bank online.


“In 2015, we’re now expanding that support to include coding either online or in-branch so whether you’re seven or one hundred and seven, you can take advantage of the opportunity to learn the emerging language of the new digital economy.”


Since 2013, more than 12,000 Barclays Digital Eagles have worked in local communities to give people the opportunity to learn and embrace how to make more of technology including the emerging language of the digital economy.


Wolf Group are also actively involved in teach people of all ages the computing skills required for Tech-industry jobs. Click here to learn more about the Wolf Academy.


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