Inspiring The Next Generation Of Developers Across The World

At Wolf Group, we recognise the huge value students and graduates bring to a company in terms of fresh ideas and academic experience. We take pride in the partnerships we have with North East Universities to ensure we can provide work experience opportunities and support students in building their careers.

Over the past three months, MSc Computer Science student Nnamdi Affia, from Northumbria University has been undertaking an internship with Wolf Group, based at our offices in North Shields. During this time he’s worked alongside our experienced team of project managers, developers and commercial staff, allowing him to build a variety of skills, both technical and industrial.

Nnamdi is an international student from Nigeria, and decided to study in the North East of England because of the high quality of courses offered at our universities. When asked why he chose to study in Newcastle, he said;

“Newcastle is a special place filled with lovely people and great infrastructure. Daily commutes are convenient using the metro. I specifically chose Northumbria University because of the placement opportunities their courses offer.”

“It is a great way to gain industrial experience while studying, providing me with a competitive edge in this demanding sector. I also appreciate the support the university provided, aiding me with securing a placement and providing specialist assistance with my thesis.”

He has completed a range of training modules which covered the entire software lifecycle including requirements gathering, programming and testing which allowed him to strengthen his C# and SQL programming capabilities.

Nnamdi has also been involved in a project for an external client, the project involved analysing large amounts of data and he was able to use a number of his existing skills to complete the work and meet a tight deadline.

Offering students internships allows them to gain an insight into the North East tech sector, as well as gaining experience which will vastly boost their employability upon graduating.

The North East is home to some of the world’s leading technology companies, and here at Wolf Group we’re proud to be a part of such a thriving community. If we can give others the opportunity to gain experience of this, then we’re always keen to do so.

Nnamdi’s advice to students considering an internship is, “Do it! No matter the industry, it is a great way to prepare yourself for the experiences of the working environment.  In addition to learning, you establish valuable relationships that could potentially influence your career.”

We hope that Nnamdi leaves Wolf Group with new knowledge and skills which he can carry with him throughout his career and wish him the best of luck for his future in the software industry.

If you’re a student or graduate and would like to gain insight, expand your skill set and improve your employability upon graduating, Get In Touch to discover more about opportunities with Wolf Group.

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