How The Evolution Of Technology Has Changed The Accountancy Industry

The evolution of technology has changed the accountancy profession in a number of ways and it’s fair to say that access to new software has made accountancy easier in terms of getting things done in less time and more accurately without relying on a calculator.

Accountants can benefit greatly from software which reduces the margin of error. This type of system dramatically improves accuracy, ensuring ledgers and financial reports are accurate as well as providing simplified data entry. This is especially important as errors can lead to tax penalties so less error means more financial stability for companies.

If an accountancy business uses a specialised system, less training is required. An accountant who has access to the right software, can perform tax preparation and statistical analysis more easily and efficiently meaning less training is required than previously as processes are now simpler.

The role of an accountant is now much more diversified and dynamic as they increasingly become more involved in strategic planning teams. It’s imperative that those in this industry keep up to date with emerging technologies in order to maximise time efficiency and competitive advantage.

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