How developing an app can be good for your business

How developing an app can be good for your business

businessBy the time you finish reading this write-up, 600 mobile users will have replaced their handset with a smartphone. By 2015 a projected two billion people will be using a smartphone as their chosen form of mobile technology.

With over a billion people using smartphone technology everyday; to social network, play games, pay bills and even book flights, so the need for businesses to integrate and adapt services accordingly is clear. People may well be looking for your business through their smartphones, and if you aren’t there, you’re missing out on customers!

So what are the benefits to a tool such as a mobile app?

  • Well, initially it’s the increased availability! Both clients and prospective clients will have 24/7 access to your products and services, empowering people to connect with your brand on their own terms over a user friendly mobile app that serves to improve connectivity with users who are already, to some degree, engaged.
  • Further down the line, it’s the opportunity for improved sales. Downloading an app is often described as an ‘opt in’ process, a positive step which motivates your customers into further positive interactions such as purchasing from your brand. The likelihood of them turning into repeat customers is also increased thanks to the benefits such as promotions, discounts and special offers that mobile apps provide for.
  • A well designed smartphone application will help to strengthen company branding while offering a fluid user experience. These aspects help to solidify your company’s brand in the minds of the users. Apps that offer creative or useful functions will also help to score highly in likeliness towards the brand.
  • The perfect mobile app may also enable you to issue ‘push’ notifications to your users. ‘Push’ notifications allow for a business to directly connect to app users usually emerging in forms such as a text messages containing new updates on the app that a worth the user taking a look at.
  • Finally, an exclusive feature that enhances many mobile applications is the easy interaction with social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and thus, increased social media opportunities. Most often, you will find users browsing an app through social media accounts. Such kind of use largely increases the chance of social shares and brand interaction through the social networking sites, which in turn exposes your brand and app to a new audience.

Computer programs designed to work on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices are likely to remain and dominate user experience in the market for many years to come. Enterprises keen on exploiting mobile technology will need to look to develop cutting-edge apps in order to find complete digital marketing solutions.

With smartphones and smartphone apps now more prevalent than ever the opportunity to utilise mobile technology to its full potential has never been more attractive. To find out what a Wolf designed mobile app can do for you, go to Wolf Software.

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