How Can Mobile Tech Grow Your Business?

Our growing dependence on mobile devices isn’t just a consumer addiction. Businesses of all sizes are beginning to think differently about their mobile technology investments. How can your company utilise mobile technology to improve business and become competitive?


Build a business mobile app

Mobile devices can help businesses to markedly improve their relationships with both customers and employees. With some creative thinking about how to replace existing processes or pin pointing of a new opportunity, mobile app development can bring with it significant advantages. Wolf Group suggest that right now the most powerful applications being developed are those that integrate with your existing business systems.


Business intelligence (BI) in the palm of your hand

How about a tool that helps to make decision making faster and more accurate than ever before? Mobile app versions of systems such as your CRM and data analytics tools allow employees to access immediate visualization of dashboards and reports. Anytime and anywhere access to business intelligence has really enabled businesses to make better decisions using the right data.


Facilitate flexible and agile working

Mobile technology holds the key to creating a motivated and agile workforce. HTML5 technology now provides scope for the creation of business apps that continue to work despite losses in connectivity. Frustrations of losing documents you’ve been working on when you experience a loss in internet connection are now a thing of the past. This enables staff to work from wherever they are on any device.


Cost efficiency

A single business’ marketing department can spend a fortune on traditional advertising including expensive brochures, flyers, mail outs, etc. However when incorporated into a firm marketing strategy mobile technology can help to significantly decrease spend on costly advertising.

As the number of users of your company’s app increases the more people you can reach out to with direct offers through push notifications. As these users will already be aware of your brand and feel as if they have a relationship with you, they will likely also be more receptive to this type of advertising. With one in every four shoppers using mobile technology exclusively, the buying decision has become a far quicker and easier process for the consumer. This translates into tangible benefits to business.

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