Has Your Business Outgrown Spreadsheets?

You’ve probably been there before, in a fog of pivot tables, pie charts and not forgetting that dreaded hourglass as formulas and data are calculated and churned. So why continue to rely on spreadsheets as your everyday data repository, analysis tool and engine?

The most common answer is “they do the job”. But unfortunately, ‘good enough’ does not offer the advantage needed in today’s competitive world. Data is power and today, it is collected and harvested in gargantuan volumes.

Tomorrow, we will not only store data, but study it in real time to provide instant value. Once the value has been extracted, we will be shortening its life to preserve storage space solutions that are able to respond to the needs of today’s businesses.

Thinking about how much data an organisation collects each day, migrating a spreadsheet application to bespoke software makes sense when an organisation has become heavily dependent on the data stored.

The good news is, converting a spreadsheet to a database isn’t as difficult as many first predict. This is because spreadsheets are a type of database so the data in your current system can be converted into something with greater capacity and a better structure without losing anything. Computer programs can convert the data to another format, such as SQL database or even read the data right out of the spreadsheet.

If your business has outgrown spreadsheets and you’re ready to convert to a more sophisticated system, Get In Touch with Wolf Group and have a bespoke system built for your specific needs.

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