Happy Clients and Low Cost Love!

This week, Wolf Group’s CEO Allan Jeff discusses some of the challenges he’s found that businesses are facing across industries and offers his expert advice.

In my role I talk to a lot of business leaders and I know for service based companies, the client experience is critical. The discussions I have, are often around how creating that wow factor while keeping a handle on costs is a real challenge.

Some have succeeded by mastering the art of making self-service feel enriching and empowering whilst ensuring instant gratification, anyone who regularly orders their favourite takeaway online will know exactly what I mean.

However, historically some sectors have found client expectations have driven a way of interacting that incorporates the perceived need for the personal touch, maybe where professional services are needed such as the legal arena or simply where the client just prefers human interaction, such as accessing public sector services.

The advice I usually offer, is to look at augmented service or in plain English, simply process innovation. The strategy is to use technology to squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of every back office process, whilst still ensuring the high level of personal touch clients expect.

Generally this methodology goes way beyond just using off the shelf tools such as accounting packages and CRM products, it uses bespoke software solutions to knit these things together, filling the gaps and squeezing cost centres to their lowest common denominator along the way.

So while some service businesses, I know, scratch the surface with intuitive user interfaces attached to essentially brochureware websites, the smart players are investing in maintaining essential personal relationships, at lower cost, by ensuring only lean processes support their client facing effort.

Obviously using technology to augment process generally, is nothing new, particularly in production and manufacturing environments and at Wolf Group we are finding our expertise in these markets is increasingly in demand from the service sector, who are keen to enjoy the same financial benefits.

Often, we find clients know exactly where the cost issues are but continually struggle to solve their problems in house, we offer the expertise and experience needed to develop software solutions that enhance existing processes but are only deployed where there is a real improvement increment available.

To take advantage of the financial benefits generated by efficient systems, Get In Touch with Wolf Group and discover how you can improve productivity for your business.

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