Five ways software can help manage HR more effectively

Businesses are always looking for new ways of doing things quicker and more efficiently, and this is not exception when it comes to staff. Over the past five years efficiency savings are something that most if not all organisations have had to consider. But how could software help a business to manage and organise its HR to the best of its ability?

You may already implement some of your efficiency savings through IT, such as managing staff holiday times, performance reporting, ensuring equal opportunities and managing appraisals, but below are five features that good HR software should include to help you manage staff even more effectively:

1) Greater working flexibility

Storing all your files on the Cloud will enable you to access important documents from any geographical location. For employees this provides them with greater working flexibility and for your business can help to increase overall productivity and general communications in-house.

2) It’s holiday time

The larger number of employees you have, the more stressful it can be trying to give each member an equal opportunity to take time off and book holidays. With HR software, you can easily define shift patterns using the system, and staff members are able to request periods of time off, which will then need to be submitted for approval by the managing staff. Integrated calendars mean that these managers are able to view employee schedules and decide times which are suitable to have off, and others which are not.

3) Everything in a single location

As the number of spreadsheets used to track staff data grows, so do the challenges presented to your business. Security concerns over personal data and access issues mean that ensuring all information is protected can be tricky. HR software enables you to combine all information in one central location where only authorised members of the business are able to access it. This both gives you peace of mind and enables data to be managed as effectively as possible.

4) Reporting made simple

HR software makes consolidating data into reports extremely easy. Comparting statistics between employees’ holidays, sick days etc is both clear, precise and simple. It can also give you a greater understanding of your staff, collecting this data enables better forward-planning and provides you with another method of monitoring progress and implement training requirements and appraisals as and when necessary.

5) Bespoke HR software solutions

The benefits of HR software are evident, however they are about to get better. With custom-made software, you will be able to manage your staff specifically to the requirements that you need to measure. This will differ within organisations. Personalised HR software will give you the ability to streamline your business processes even more, helping to make your team more effective.

For more advice about bespoke software for your business, visit our Software pages or contact us directly via our Contact page.

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