Five CRM Features Your Business Needs

A CRM solution is crucial in any business which has multiple customers. It’s also a vital sales tool and helps you manage and keep track of campaigns, potential leads and previous contact. You may require something very simple, or if you have aims of growing your business, you’ll need something more sophisticated.

Whatever solution you lean towards, you should always consider these check-points as critical issues for making your decision.

  • Integration – How well does the system connect with your existing business applications? Avoid building a siloed CRM resource, as you won’t extract the full value from its functionality.
  • Crossdepartment value – Don’t view the CRM as just a marketing tool – it’s a business tool. The more people across the organisation who can use it, the better. Collaboration and productivity improvements will follow.
  • Security – It’s critical to ring-fence your data properly, and the CRM should provide all the security and compliance you need. Not only do you want your financial information to be safe from intruders, you also want to make sure you don’t breach the trust of your customers when handling their details.
  • User friendliness – If people don’t understand an application, it’s likely they won’t use it. Allow users to test and review the system before implementing it, to get their feedback on how easy it is to understand. Also ensure you get sufficient training and enablement from the vendor.
  • Reporting – One of the best aspects of CRM is that it can support decision making. But first, you need to be able to track, view and export data being used across the CRM. With the help of custom dashboards and reports, you should be able to get the insight needed to evaluate business performance across several different departments.

It can be difficult to find the perfect match when looking at available pre-built systems, and many businesses will end up paying for functionality they don’t need or, miss other features that would be useful to them.

The good news is, you don’t need to choose an existing CRM platform. You can choose to have one tailored to your organisation’s unique needs, giving you much better value in the long run.

At Wolf Group, our team of experts have decades of experience creating bespoke systems, tailored specifically to help make life easier for people to do business, and for customers to do business with you.

If your ready to transform the way your team does business, Get In Touch with Wolf Group today.

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