Dispelling Common Software Development Myths

It’s common for us to have misconceptions about things we may not completely understand. Software programming can appear to be a complex topic, making people wary of new technology. There are myths which prevent people from fully understanding how efficient software can automate and improve business processes, which can lead to substantial time saving and increased profits.

“Software Development is too expensive.”

A popular myth concerning Software Development. Because of this way of thinking, many businesses don’t take advantage of the potential that custom software can provide to improve efficiency in their organisation. Often off the shelf software is purchased which might not fit their requirements. A company might outgrow software or it might not be sufficient. There may also be hidden upgrade costs meaning generic software can actually represent a lost investment. These issues can be avoided by choosing custom software which is likely to be better value in the long run.

“Custom software takes too much time.”

Another common misunderstanding is that developing custom software will use up too much of your teams time. The truth is, using a professional software company should allow you to carry on running your business as normal. There will of course be some level of interaction in terms of consultation and approval, but this is no different to any other conventional business development plans.

“Coders don’t understand business needs.”

This may well have been the case in the infancy of software development. Today however, programming professionals are highly trained and experienced and most likely have worked on various business models throughout their career. They’ve probably seen problems like yours before and solved them many times over. Software Development follows a logical flow and is process-based and ultimately, so is any efficient business.

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