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The online education platform, Coursera, partners with top universities and organisations worldwide, offering courses for anyone to take, for free. Keen to develop a host of different skills Wolf’s Junior Business Analyst, Michael, tells us how he’s been finding the “Beginning game programming in C#” course he’s recently been undertaking.


How did you find out about Coursera?

My brother told me about it, back when there were only a few thousand people taking Coursera courses. He found out about it from an expo in Silicon Valley. Now there are nearly twelve million people using the site, from all over the world!


How wide ranging are the courses? Are they only specific to C# programming or do they vary?

The Coursera platform has courses across the full range of sciences and humanities. You could study anything from Software Engineering to Greek History. The site has a strong focus on Technology, but other subjects are well catered for too.


What level of experience does someone require in order to undertake the “Beginning game programming in C#” course?

The “Beginning Game Programming in C#” course can be done by an absolute beginner, you don’t require any programming experience at all to get started.


How are you finding the course so far? What skills are you picking up or improving on? Any difficulties?

I am really enjoying the course and have learnt a lot already – it’s great being taught buy a real expert, who helps you to understand the language as well as good coding practices. There are fun challenges all the way through and a great community on the associated forum to help you out when you need it. I have struggled to master something called “object orientation” which might sound a bit strange, but it is the modern approach to programming. After the lectures and a few exercises I am getting the hang of it.


Who would you recommend the course to?

I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is considering IT as a career. The certificate that you gain is recognised by industry and is a great way to start building your programming portfolio. If you want a career in IT, C# is a great way to go. Having learnt some C#, you would have a head-start at the Wolf Academy, where you can get personal help from professional’s when you need it.

Coursera and platforms like it (e.g. Udacity and EdX) can complement traditional learning methods such as that given (for free!) at the Wolf Academy. Having experienced both the learning at the Wolf and with MOOC’s, I would say that the Wolf Academy is very special with the level of personal tuition available here. That makings finishing the course more likely, and that can be tough in a MOOC.


To learn more about IT training at Wolf visit our pages on the Wolf Academy.

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