Creating and Encouraging Innovation In Your Company

The importance of innovation should not be underestimated. As well as giving you a competitive advantage in the marketplace, it also creates an environment that attracts bright and creative people to your organisation.

We’ve listed a few important things to consider and implement to create a supportive atmosphere where individuals and teams will thrive:

1. Ensure you have processes and opportunities to capture ideas. You could set up suggestion boxes around the workplace or hold regular workshops, team away days or show and tell sessions to brainstorm and discuss ideas.

2. Create a culture in which people feel free to express their ideas without the risk of criticism or ridicule. Promote initiative and give people the confidence to think outside the box.

3. Encourage risk taking and experimentation – people are often scared to make mistakes meaning they’ll avoid expressing thoughts and ideas. Don’t penalise people who try new ideas that fail.

4. Promote openness amongst individuals and teams. Good ideas and knowledge in one part of the business should be shared with others. Teamwork, newsletters and intranets can all help people to share information and encourage innovation.

5. Stress that people at all levels of the business share responsibility for innovation, so everybody feels involved in taking the business forward. Everyone needs to feel that their ideas matter.

6. Reward innovation and celebrate success. Appropriate incentives can play a significant role in encouraging staff to think creatively.

7. Look for imagination and creativity when recruiting new employees. It’s important to remember that innovative thinkers aren’t always those with the most impressive list of qualifications.

People are a company’s greatest asset. The happier they are, the more motivated and productive they will be. Build a great working environment and give the team the opportunity to improve themselves and they will excel. What must be remembered, is there is no change without risk and no innovation without change.

Having systems which improve efficiency leaves you more time to focus on other important areas of your business such as working with your employees to encourage innovation, Get In Touch to discuss how we can transform your business processes.

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