Corporate security risks; are you prepared?

Cyber-crimes such as fraud and data theft represent huge business for organised criminal groups who are growing increasingly aware of opportunities for exploitation via the online platform.


For years the main focus for organised cyber-crime were individuals targeted using phishing scams, key logging and Ad clickers. However in more recent years a much greater focus for specialist criminal groups has been businesses. Within the past two years high profile corporates such as Sony, UPS and Ebay have all experienced the consequences of hijacked computer systems.


Often large companies are well aware of these risks and yet appear content with consciously leaving themselves vulnerable to threats such as online scams that may pursue financial gain or, more commonly within enterprises, cyber-attacks that may attempt to gain access to sensitive data.


The likelihood of a UK firm experiencing an incident is now said to be over 10% higher than that of the global average. Yet how can so many corporates afford to be so blasé? Undoubtable obstacles to improving the state of their security systems include lack of designated funding, lack of leadership and lack of enough effective information to instigate change. But when will these concerns become a priority? When an attack takes place? When customer and employee records have been compromised? When intellectual property has been stolen?


Managing director of Wolf Group, Marc Fowler, says: “Critical defences that effectively detect and react to potential threats are key. Data breaches, hacks and fraud are preventable so long as businesses are willing to invest in steeling themselves against these, often hidden, dangers.


“Often seen as a weak link are a company’s employees. Individuals are more susceptible to fake emails that phish for confidential information such as passwords, download viruses or transfer files to unauthorised personal devices. In this sense education is also fundamental.”


Considering the scale of the more recent high profile attacks, hackers have demonstrated that there is nothing they won’t do to infiltrate an enterprise’s systems. Using innovative means, any weak spot in a company’s IT infrastructure could be a target.


If you’re a business with responsibility for a large amounts of customer records, financial information or even employee data then security requirements should be of concern. Wolf Group have a long history of working within high-security sectors such as banking and finance, the chances are we can help. To get in touch visit our Contact Us page or visit our section on Security for more information.


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