Convincing Your Team To Adopt New Software

Bespoke software which is developed and built for your unique business needs, increases productivity, boosts sales, saves time and money, and helps you make better business decisions. But getting your employees to use new software can be a real challenge. So, what can you do to get your staff on board?

Whether you have bespoke software developed or you purchase off-the-shelf software, it’s a good idea to bear your team’s interests in mind. Functionality is of course critical, but so is user-friendliness through a great user interface (UI).

If your goal is a high adoption rate, ensure you’re choosing the most approachable, most intuitive system possible. New software that requires days of training and large user manuals are most likely to face a negative reaction.

Put forward a compelling vision of how the software will transform processes and make life easier for the team. Demonstrate some of the benefits and reassure employees that it’s a positive step.

Having influencers on board will be a huge boost in terms of securing the trust of others in the decision to implement new software. Try to involve influencers from the onset, who will become comfortable and confident in the new system, they are then able to train others to use the software to their benefit.

In a business, IT and technical skill levels will vary. Your training efforts should reflect these differences as different employees will be best trained in varying ways. Some might be content with some online training or a step by step guide, others may need more personal guidance, and in some cases a bit of hand holding. Show humility and emphasise with the team.

Early on, you should try to institutionalise the new software so that the whole company becomes aware that you are transitioning to a new way of working. Once individuals and teams start to use the software, highlight the positive impact it is having. Select examples of where employees have used the software to their own, or the company’s benefit to help encourage further adoption. You could choose to reward those who are particularly engaged.

If you need a solution to transform your business processes, speak to our expert team who will support you and your team through every step.

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