Training Development

Training Development

Not only do Wolf provide our clients with the services to improve their business performance, but we also provide training that will improve your staff’s IT skills and increase efficiency all while helping your workforce to recognise their value and potential within your business.

It’s an accepted fact that our brains can only maintain a focussed attention for around 8 seconds, and a more general attention for about 40 minutes. This can be significantly impaired if we aren’t interested in the topic. So why do we insist on putting people on courses that last a day or even a week at a time?

Wolf has recognised that the current training methods are mostly ineffective and generally the cost benefit cannot be realised. We have therefore developed the PLPT technique that is designed not to teach people better, but to make learning easier.

If you were to take a candidate from a typical, intensive training course, and that person to recall some of that training 8 weeks later, the chances are it will have been forgotten. Take a similar candidate from the PLPT method and you will see that the information retention and ability to explain it will be vastly superior.

We want to be able to share the experience we have had with this technique, and to help you build your own training around your own specialisms. This then can be delivered to all appropriate employees for years to come without the need for specialist, expensive, external trainers.

The PLPT systems offers

  • Bite size training sessions
  • Peer Led Training
  • Course Material for Learners and Leaders
  • A ‘Levelled’ Approach to Encourage Fast Learners
  • A Reporting System to View Progress
  • Better Retention, Understanding and Implementation
  • Improved Employee Relationships
  • Improved Working Environment

We can help you to understand the process, design the coursework and to build a long term progression path for your employees.