Virtually every organisation is reliant on its computer system, and when security breaches occur, the consequences can be grave; productivity can stall, sensitive information can get stolen, and assets are at risk.

Wolf’s rich history of working in high security banking environments mean that our knowledge and capability within this industry goes beyond your normal security.

The threat to your IT infrastructure is ever increasing because of the internet, viruses, and even from within. We have assisted a number of high-profile clients to implement many levels of security and encryption to make your systems water tight, and to ensure your data is completely locked down.

At Wolf, our IT Security consultants can work directly with clients to help them build effective security programs that not only protect their infrastructure, but also enhance their business operations. Our experts can contribute consulting experience in disciplines covering compliance, data protection, application services, risk management, identity and access management, cyber security, mobility, cloud, and incident planning and response.

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