Big Data Analytics

Business Analysis

Business Analysis applies advanced analytical methods to business problems to help managers and decision makers make the best possible judgements.

No matter how hard its employees work, a business will struggle to overcome a flawed process design in one or several of its IT systems, much less the burden of no design at all. Increasingly, organisations are realising that the first step in almost any major project is to define and analyse their current business processes and then communicate those processes to those who need to know.

Business Analysis creates value by:

  • Uncovering new business needs and requirements
  • More effective implementation of new solutions
  • Providing a framework in which an IT team can scale
  • Prioritisation techniques can help to ensure a greater focus on value

At a time where business systems are becoming increasingly integrated, this activity is now accepted as “mission critical”. Wolf will work with a client to accurately map out their existing business processes and identify areas that can be improved through the analysis and refinement of the current process or through the introduction of new processes.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence tools simplify processes in order to collect, store and analyse your organisation’s vital information. This might include data related to customers or competitors, internal business operations, business partners or economic outlooks.

  • Who are your most loyal customers and what do they require from you?
  • Which marketing tactics were most successful in driving sales?
  • How does information flow through your organisation? And what are the bottlenecks?
  • How does your businesses performance measure up against industry standards?

As a leading supplier of Business Intelligence (BI) services, Wolf assist businesses in the conversion of raw systems data into accurate management level information that can leverage real business value.

Our approach is client focused and business driven. Firstly, we will gain a clear understanding of the key data within our client’s organisation and utilise that knowledge to provide solutions that are easy to use and provide the ‘best fit’ in terms of visualisation, relevance and timeliness.