Change the Programme, Let’s get into IT

Teenage girls in ITWork experience Intern, Lidia Dodsworth, discusses a big misconception within the IT industry and gives her take on the myths.

In society there are often misconceptions about working in Information Technology. One of the biggest stems from women. Did you know in the EU, around 7 million people work in the ICT sector, yet only 30% are women?

Some of the main misconceptions of working in IT are that the job role is not interesting, they think they would not be good at it and they may not enjoy working with the people alongside them.

These misconceptions are something I believe is part of the reason why there is such a large female gender gap in the technology industry.  The question I want to ask is why there is such a small percentage of women working in IT and what can be done to change this?

There are some interesting facts about working in the IT sector that you should know about; IT is a sector without a gender pay gap. This is a really positive factor to consider when thinking about a career in IT because many career sectors do still exhibit pay gaps between men and women.

Another fact is that there are jobs available, the ICT sector is creating 120,000 new jobs every year and there may be a lack of 900,000 skilled ICT workers in 2015 due to the lack of professionals entering the industry.

Speaking personally on the matter, I never received much information on the IT profession when completing those important years in education. I thought that all IT roles were very similar without knowing that there are in fact a variety of different areas you could go into. There is a growing increase of opportunities available to help get into the IT industry, including courses and apprentice roles within consultancy’s.

If you are thinking about getting into IT or know someone who is interested then contact us at Wolf Group for more details of our Academy that could help get you started in your career.


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