North Tyneside Councillor supports tech-stars of the future.

Councillor Mulvenna Wolf Group ApprenticeshipsAs part of National Apprenticeship Week, Wolf’s apprentices were tasked with simulating the setup of a business venture. The venture involves apprentices developing a product or service that could be legitimately sold by Wolf, including gathering requirements, conducting market research and web design tasks leading up to a presentation in front of a panel of judges come then end of the week, on Friday.

Invited to join the panel as a guest judge, Councillor Tommy Mulvenna, Chair of North Tyneside Council, said:  “We’re always very proud to support apprentices in the workplace; and National Apprenticeship Week is an important part of promoting the benefits of apprenticeships to both young people and employers.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what the apprentices at Wolf Group have come up with for their projects – judging between them will not be easy!”

Apprentices have devised a number of innovative concepts such as software that helps to make businesses more environmentally sustainable and employee time management systems to improve business efficiencies.

Six months into his apprenticeship at the Wolf Academy, Josh Mohan, 17 said: “The enterprise challenge has given me a realistic insight into the processes involved in developing a new service and bringing it to market.

“The challenge has made me more aware of the transferable knowledge, skills and experience that I’m able to build during my time as an apprentice and how this will be relevant to me in the workplace.”

National Apprenticeship Week which celebrates apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy runs from the 9 – 13th of March.

Currently the Wolf Academy has around 16 students enrolled on its programme. It’s hoped the initiative will not only reduce unemployment but also help to create and sustain a reputation for innovation, technology and software development in the region.


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