Cybercrime: the threat from within

Cyber-attacks in business are often blamed on outsiders, despicable programmers writing malicious code that intends on pilfering corporate intelligence, thieving confidential information and raiding financial data. […]

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Data Management North East

How To Manage Data And Minimize Risk

Allegations of personal data misuse has cast a dim light over businesses and charities alike in recent weeks. Millions of individuals’ information has been gathered, stored […]

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Wolf Group North Shields

Aligning business with IT

When it comes to implementing IT effectively, innovation can mean different things to different organisations. Some place a heavy emphasis on business outcomes, and tie deployment strongly to these. Others […]

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Top five hacking methods you need to know

The Top 5 Hacking Methods You Need To Know (And How To Combat Them)

Gone are the days when cyber crime was an art. Today, anybody can gain the knowledge that enables them to access websites and databases in order […]

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Three of Software Testing’s biggest challenges

As IT projects become more complex and existing software continues to evolve, the need for testers to be involved throughout the development process becomes more and […]

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System integration: The challenges posed by a siloed software system

When faced paced companies use technically restricted software systems there are many business challenges that can arise. Disconnected functional systems stifle growth and reduce businesses’ ability […]

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timthumb (1)

BIM is no longer ‘the future’ of the Construction Industry

BIM (building information modeling) represents a series or combination of processes that are technology enabled – increasing the understanding of a project. BIM is fast becoming the […]

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Mobile Apps

Five reasons why file compression isn’t redundant

File compression has long been a debated topic amongst IT pros, but is the process an unecessary chore asphyxiated by hasstle, or a small term cost for long […]

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Engineering Design Applied to IT

Why Architects and Developers Should Listen to Old School Engineers In most engineering disciplines, systems are designed by composing existing components that have been used in […]

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Tesla software technology

A look into the future: Is Tesla the crystal ball of the automotive sector?

Possibly the greatest benefit to launching a revolutionary car company in the heart of Silicon Valley is the immediate access to some of the most innovative, […]

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Traceability on the production line Wolf Group

Top 10 Trends in Business Analysis (BA)

The practice of business analysis is gaining recognition and attention. Business analysts (BAs) continue to show their value in enterprise, and we’re steadily seeing the number […]

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