IT in Healthcare

The challenge of implementing Technology within Healthcare: Three things that NEED to happen for the NHS to evolve

Health and social care sectors face unparalleled challenges. Limitations on resources coupled with growing demand due to an ageing population are placing current health and social […]

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Business Intelligence in Manufacturing

Business Intelligence in manufacturing; empower your business now

The UK’s manufacturing industry has undergone significant change in more recent decades. Due to globalisation competition has become far greater than ever before. Smaller local or […]

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Women in IT

Change the Programme, Let’s get into IT

Work experience Intern, Lidia Dodsworth, discusses a big misconception within the IT industry and gives her take on the myths. In society there are often misconceptions […]

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Is the execution of your Business Strategy hampered by unreliable information?

We live in an age where we are surrounded by information. Global digital information is approaching one zettabyte, nearly 300 billion emails are sent each day […]

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Big Data in Healthcare

Could Big Data cure cancer?

Big Data is coming to healthcare and the limits to what we could do with it are endless.   Technology is becoming the heart of the […]

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