Software Development North East

Four reasons to upgrade to Windows 10, NOW!

Take advantage of Microsoft’s free upgrade to Windows 7/8 users before July 2016, and migrating to Windows 10 needn’t be a hard-sell. After successfully managing the installation of Microsoft’s […]

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Volkswagen Data Disaster

When Data Becomes Disaster: VW’s Turbocharged Software Slip-Up

Implementing software to rig emissions tests, one German newspaper has called it the “most expensive act of stupidity in the history of the car industry”. If […]

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Gaming North East

PS4 & Xbox One: The Battle Between The Two Biggest Consoles Of The Decade So Far

Over the next month Wolf Group are working alongside our local schools to provide vital work experience placements to Year 10 students. This week our work […]

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Tesla software technology

A look into the future: Is Tesla the crystal ball of the automotive sector?

Possibly the greatest benefit to launching a revolutionary car company in the heart of Silicon Valley is the immediate access to some of the most innovative, […]

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Top 10 Strangest Apps

We all enjoy a new app don’t we, but what about one of these? We normally hear about apps because of a new craze or simply […]

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The Big Data Innovation Summit

The Most important Tech events of 2015

A comprehensive preview of five of the main Tech events taking place across the months ahead in 2015.   The Big Data Innovation Summit (11-12 May) […]

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Facts about Windows 10

Windows 10 launch – Seven facts you NEED to know

Windows 8, perhaps the most despised Microsoft operating system ever? Poor app selection, awkward interface transitions, hidden menus, the litany of complaints could go on and […]

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Lovebook website blog post

Cupid’s had an upgrade!

New matchmaking site LoveBook uses Facebook to advertise singles It is becoming increasingly more popular to meet new people through Facebook and other social media sites. […]

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Sunset Overdrive Xbox One

‘Sunset Overdrive’ for Xbox One

Passionate about gaming , Wolf apprentice, Amy Topping has shared her thoughts on one of the latest games on the market for X box One in […]

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‘The Last of Us’ for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

At Wolf we have a number of apprentices that would regard themselves as serious gamers. Josh Mohan is no exception. Keen to give his opinion Josh […]

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Five early internet memories

Fifteen years ago, nearly all of us were still in the introductory stage with the internet. It was a novel thing you used in libraries or […]

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Out of date website

Five clear signs a website is unloved

  Is your website a time capsule from the early 2000s? Thanks to the internet’s incredible pace of change and some website owners’ resolute resistance to […]

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